Our free proof patches are an amazing way to show you our different verities of patches that we have. We want you to try our free proof patch because we want you to see how we do business and number goal is to make sure that our consumers find what they are looking. We are here to how help with anything that you need. We have been creating patches since 1980s; we are pretty good at what we do. Our patches are what you have been looking for this whole time, and we happy that you have found us. Just play around on our website and you will see the different type of patches we have and we are certain you will find what you are looking for. If you have any questions we are here to answer them for you. We want to serve you because you make what we do so happy and amazing at the same time. We hope you become one of our costumers. We appreciate your business.

Here at mypactches.com, you can get your completely customized patches, and designing them is quite simple!
First: Choose the type of patch you need:
Embroidered Patches: These patches are the most popular and the more durable.
Woven Patches: Similar to the embroidered patches, these ones use thread to stitch the entire patch, instead of the solid color background used to stitch embroidered patches
Leather Patches: These patches can only be sewn and they are high quality.
Second: Choose the backing of your preference. You can sew your patches or stitch them by ironing.
Third: Choose your patch shape.
Fourth: Pick a size for it
Fifth: Give us your patch design by uploading it, or give us a detailed description, so that we will do it for you and give you a mock up.

For your patches you have to quote: The name of the club at the top, the logo of the club and the date when it was established on the bottom. Don`t worry if you still don’t have the final design! You can email us with your ideas and we will design your club patch for you.

We hope you had an amazing time playing around with our website, now is the time to choose what type of patch you want for your club. Remember we are here to sure to you get the design and the perfect you have been looking for. We are perfect for you; we will serve you to the best of our ability. It’s time to order that amazing patch that you have been waiting for, we will get it to you within weeks depending on how fast you want it.

Step 1 :  Choose The Type Of Patch You Want


Embroidered Patches

* Use stitching to create art - the traditional type of patch * Have a 3 dimensional quality thicker and heavier patch quality
Embroidered Patches

Woven Patches

* Woven patches are like a hybrid patch - more detail than embroidery but still uses threads * same method used for high quality clothing labels
Woven Patches

Leather Patches

* These patches are made out of high quality cow hide * Branding method used for image imprint
Woven Patches

Step 2 :  Choose The Type Of Backing You Want


Sew On

* This is the standard patch backing *Must be sewn onto the garment *Most durable and strongest bond

I Want Sew On Patches


Iron On

*Backing has glue and can be applied o garments easily with an iron * Can be sewen as well *Not as durable as sew on(typically lasts about 20 - 30 washes)

I Want Iron On Patches

Step 3 :  PICK A SHAPE (or just upload your own)

Enter The # Of The Shape You Want or Write In a Different Shape

If you want to see the design on more than one patch than put multiple numbers: e.g. 17, 18.


patch size
Enter Height (in tallest area)
Enter Width (in widest area)


Tell us what you'd like your patch to say or what kind of art you'd like, what color, etc!

e.g: I would like a patch with my teams name on it "Raleigh Football Club". Above a picture of a soccer ball, and the words Est. 2008. I like ground color 739 and the text to be 111.


You can load most types of files. These can be drawings, logos, examples of other patches,

fully finished art, etc. Anything that helps us understand what you want on your patches!

Tell Us What Colors You Want From Our List

Step 6 :  Let us know where should we send your Proof

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